Geneviève Leclair


«Our dancers always feel they have an ally and an artist supporting them when Geneviève is in the pit. This kind of connection between the orchestra and the stage allows great performances to happen; moments of trust and daring that are unique to live theater.»

christopher stowell

associate artistic director

national ballet of canada

«Ms. Leclair displays a great deal of magic on the podium. It makes rehearsals something special to participate in.»

Robert Piankian

Bass trombonist

Parkway Concert Orchestra

«An impeccable performance of theme and variations»

Boston phoenix

«How wonderful for the dancers to be supported by music of such high caliber.»

Critical dance

«A Light touch that cloaks a firm hand over the orchestra.»

Ontario Arts review

«Leclair raised the level of the orchestra to new heights.»

New Pond Village Journal

«Leclair’s confident dynamics and tempos, crisp rhythms and crystalline phrasing created powerful momentum.»

Critical dance

«Leclair knowingly conducted the performance, realizing the subtle, as well as the dramatic tensions of Hannah’s emotions.»

Rutland Herald

«Leclair brought out every nuance of the piece and bestowed such an impacting aspect to her reading that I could smell the salt air.»

Ontario Arts Review

Dina K Photography


Saison 2022-23

Juin 2022

Geneviève fera ses débuts avec l’Orchestre Métropolitain

Geneviève sera de retour au Spartanburg Philharmonic comme candidate au poste de directrice musicale.

Geneviève est cheffe invitée principale de l’Orchestre classique de Montréal

Geneviève est finaliste pour le poste de directrice musicale de l’Orchestre Symphonique de Sherbrooke